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Website Statistics to Analyze Your Blog

Hopefully you have been blogging on a regular basis and capturing leads for your email list. Today we will begin to review the results of your efforts by analyzing your website statistics…

How to monitor your website statistics using WordPress.

First, if you have been blogging on a regular basis and promoting your blog on social media, you should be getting website traffic. This is just another word for visitors to your blog. See Getting Your First Website Traffic¬†WordPress provides a very simple, easy to understand statistics area that comes with your Jetpack plugin. You can get to the “Stats” area of your blog from the menu on the left side panel as shown in the image below…


jetpack website statistics

What website statistics are available and what do they mean?

I recommend you spend a bit of time in this area of your WordPress blog to become familiar with all of the information that is available. The first thing you can look at are the “Insights” for your blog. Here, WordPress provides a lot information for you to review including an overview of your posting activity and all-time views and visitors. There are 2 stats here that I like, these are the “Best Views Ever” and “Most Popular Day and Hour.”

Best Views Ever

This stat tells you the day your blog received the most views. This is important information that allows you to review your post from that day to determine what worked so well and why it yielded your highest views. Take some time to look at that post to figure out what you did right to make it your best. Was it the keywords, topic, pictures, how you promoted it, or a combination of all of these?

Most Popular Day and Hour

This stat gives you insight as to the best time to potentially announce your latest blog post to give you the best chance of a high volume of visitors.

Time Based Website Statistics

After reviewing the Insights, you can shift gears to the time-based statistics. These are provided for your blog by Days, Weeks, Months or Years. So of course your use of these stats will vary based on the age of your blog. Also, each basically provides the same information just for different time frames.


website statistics graph

I think there are 2 statistics that provide valuable information in this area, they are “Posts & Pages.” and “Referrers.” “Search Terms” are also very important, but we will get into that at a later time.

Posts & Pages

This area gives you the number of views for each post on your site during the time frame selected. Clearly this tells you which posts are your most popular. I find this information to be useful because it allows you to analyze your best posts so that you can duplicate your efforts in future articles. This stat gives you a broader range of posts to review than the “Best Post Ever” discussed above. Whatever the case may be, figure out what you did right and do it again.


This shows you where your visitors are coming from or where they were when they clicked on your link. This information provides valuable insight as to the source of your best website traffic. In the image above, my traffic is clearly coming first and foremost from Facebook. However I am happy to see that I am beginning to get some search engine traffic which means my SEO efforts are starting to pay off.

Search Terms

This is a listing of terms used in search engines, such as Google, to reach your site. This information, along with the listing of your top posts can truly provide valuable information regarding how and why visitors are reaching your site. (I will be discussing SEO and Search Terms in more depth in an upcoming post.)

Don’t spend too much time analyzing data.

As a final word of advice, you can really get bogged down in all these website statistics. While they are important and provide useful information, I urge that you do not spend too much time just staring at the data. Find what types of information are truly helpful to you, review the stats, learn from them and then move on.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a note in the comments.

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