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Writing Your First Blog Post

If you read and followed my first 2 posts, you should be ready to begin writing your first blog post.

If this is your first visit to my blog, I recommend you read my first 2 posts…

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and Getting Ready for Blog Visitors

…before you begin your first blog post.

Also, you might want to check out my post How to Develop Amazing Blog Post Ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

The Mechanics of Starting a Post on WordPress

On the left side menu of your WordPress Dashboard, click “Posts” and “Add New.”

Next you will be on the post page where you can begin typing. But first…

You need to plan your post at least a little bit by developing a solid title and picking a great picture as your feature image. The title is completely up to you, but I can help a little with your graphics selection.

I get all of my pics from Pixaby. You can find a lot of great, free graphics there, so plan on creating an account as it makes downloading much easier. Another great thing about Pixaby is that they typically don’t require image attribution, which means you don’t have to disclose the creator of the image to use it. Make sure to select the right size when you download. I typically use rectangular pictures and always download the 1,280  x ??? option because it seems to show best when sharing to social media. 

I found this great post on Christian Blogger Community that you might also want to check out 20 Free Stock Websites For Your Blog to find even more free images.

Once I have a great image picked out, I usually like to add a bit of text to it as you can see from the featured image at the top of this page. A great free tool I have been using lately is Pablo by Buffer. You can upload and edit your images there, then save and upload to your blog. You could also try Stencil or Canva as well. They both have some great features in terms of photo editing.

Upload your picture using the “Featured Image” menu option on the bottom right of the screen:

featured image

Finishing Up

When you are finished, make sure to carefully proofread your post. I’m not saying I never make mistakes, but you really want to keep typos, misspelled words and poor grammar to a minimum.

Finally, don’t forget to hit the “Publish” button so the world can see your first blog post. I usually read over my post one last time after publishing just to make sure everything looks OK and just how I want it. Remember, not only what you say but how your post looks are both a reflection on you and your image, so you always want to put your best foot forward.

Next we will be discussing how to get the word out once your post is ready to be seen.

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